This video shows a digital rendering of the Ondo® unit and is intended solely for demonstration purposes.


Temperature Controlled Solutions

Delivery At Ease

Latest technology in meals to go, which offers ability for the customer to order and pre-pay through a mobile app or stationary ordering kiosk. The ONDO® wall is available with rear or front loading, where the system software selects the appropriate cube that can be hot, cold, or ambient. Once the cube is loaded, a code can be sent to the customer that will direct them to the designated cube. It can then be easily opened for order pick-up.

As the popularity of to-go ordering rapidly increases, so will the concern with the food safety. Through patented technology for hot/cold convertible compartments, ONDO® delivers precise temperature control, ranging from 36° F to 190° F, which ensures freshness for hours.

Not only does this allow the customer ample flexibility for the pick-up timeframe, but it also confirms the safety of consumption.

Once you make the ONDO® investment, we will continue to ensure the best service, with factory installation, one-on-one training, and ongoing technical support.



  • Top of the line technology for automating the process while reducing labor
  • Intelligent software directs the operator for designated placement of each meal
  • System constantly updates to track the occupied and vacant spaces
  • Automation simplifies the customer notification process
  • Our software development expertise ensures a wholistic solution tailored to your needs
  • Data analytics provide valuable insight, including sales per time of day, holding times and much more




  • Meals will be preserved for hours to assure an excellent customer experience
  • Precise temperature control of compartment for hot or cold, ranging from 36 to 190 degrees, mitigates risk of unsafe consumption
  • Ability to lock door and notify operator and customer when the holding time has exceed the customizable duration threshold
  • ADA compliant with automated routing towards bottom doors



  • One-on-one training and ongoing technical support, along with complimentary factory installation
  • Streamlined process for highest quality construction available
  • Ease your mind, knowing that we will be with you every step of the way
  • Various packages offer changes and upgrades as the solution flourishes

The ONDO wall is a one-of-a-kind pickup and delivery logistics solution designed to optimize