Olympus Series Air-Screen

Redefining Refrigerated Grab & Go Technology

The Olympus Series Grab & Go refrigerated merchandisers aren’t your typical open-air-screen.  Feature-packed, these units combine innovative refrigeration technology with versatile integration benefits that establish a new benchmark in efficiency, reliability, design, and performance to better service customers and grow sales.

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Standard Features of the Olympus Series Grab & Go:

Explore the design elements that differentiate the Olympus Series Refrigerated Grab & Go Merchandisers from our competition.  Configurable as either stand-alone or built-in, these merchandisers offer integrated solutions to best support available space and design.  Unique design features, including the innovative Porte Cachee’ recessable pocket doors, or the exclusive Turbo Chill refrigeration system, provide operators with control and security not offered by any other manufacturer on the market today!

Explore the Versatility of RPI’s Olympus Series Refrigerated Grab & Go Merchandisers

Designed with Operational Flexibility to Maximize Sales

The patented door system provides versatility for quick change from a glass door merchandiser to an open air-screen Grab & Go System.

Integration Options - Stand Alone or Built-In

Free standing flexibility or build the Grab & Go into a structure or walk-in refrigerator. Designed to grow sales through attractive display and ease of access by consumers.

Turbo-Chill Offers Food Safety and Peace of Mind

A patented air-flow system and locking security feature ensures products will always be kept within a food safe environment.

 Available in a variety of sizes and configurations with endless finish and color options. These refrigerated Grab & Go Merchandisers can be integrated seamlessly into any décor package or included as a modular component of a micro-market concept.  Units are available in reach-in, or pass-thru designs and refrigeration systems include both self-contained and remote options. 

Exploring Turbo Chill Features

Internal sensor that monitors actual food temperature and automatically activates turbo chill mode feature.

Motorized roll-down shade automatically and proactively closes when food temperature reaches 39.5°F, before reaching the food danger zone.

Automatically re-opens when food temperature reaches 37.5°F (approximately 15 minutes).

Ensures that consumers receive the highest food quality and more importantly that food safety requirements are being met.

Product Line

Olympus II

Grab & Go style open air-screen refrigerated merchandiser includes self-contained refrigeration system, digital controls, a unique baffled compressor housing for front-air intake, and top rear air discharge requiring zero clearance.

Olympus III

Top mount refrigeration system allowing lower front deck which offers additional shelf space for products to be merchandised.

Olympus V

Maximized food display in a slimline vertical footprint.  Featuring the Patented Porte Cachee’ pocket-door system allowing units to be converted easily from a hinged door reach-in refrigerator to an open air-screen merchandising system. 

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Olympus VI

 All of the standard features of the Olympus Series with an enhanced self-cleaning evaporator system to increase efficiency, while reducing service and maintenance costs. 

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