Elevated Solutions for Hot Grab & Go

Hot Vario brings flexibility, increased efficiency and enhanced display to convenience retail foodservice.  By leveraging Advanced Airflow Technology, Hot Vario ensures the highest food quality and extended shelf-life to maximize sales and reduce cost associated with waste.

Advanced Airflow Technology Keeps Packaged Hot Foods at Ideal Temperature

Explore the design elements that differentiate Hot Vario from our competition.  And with stackable integration, the merchandising system has the ability to grow with you as your business grows.  Every element has been intentionally developed to reduce cost by ensuring efficiency and sustainability, or grow sales through enhanced food presentation and quality, and achieving an enhanced customer experience.

Hot Vario’s mirrored interior not only showcases food items, but visually multiplies them, ensuring each item is prominently displayed and inviting from every angle.

Mirrored Display

Hot Vario features advanced air flow technology, a low-velocity convection airflow, designed to extend food shelf life while maintaining the best quality. Replace image with

Controlled Precision

Hot Vario’s adaptable modules are designed to calibrate power consumption with the ebb and flow of daily demand, delivering both savings and sustainability.  And, the unit requires only a single dedicated utility connection whether operating with a single compartment or multiple stacked units. 

Smart Energy Efficiency

The Hot Vario is designed for silent operation, thanks to a concealed low-noise fan, further enhancing the customer experience by eliminating additional mechanical noise in the space. 

Whisper-Quiet Innovation

Heat-resistant LED lighting in our displays reproduces the food’s natural color, ensuring they look just as delicious as they taste.

Natural Color Showcase

Explore the Versatility of Hot Vario

Quick Heat Up and Recovery

It only takes 30-45 minutes to achieve set temperatures.  Recovery is continuous based upon the directed circular low-velocity air flow heating the interior of the unit.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Simply remove the interior display accessories and wipe out with mild detergent and a clean cloth.

A Full Offering of Display Accessories

Keep your Hot Vario cleanly organized by using any of the available food display racks for ease of customer access to food and for simple refilling.

Configurations vary from a single compartment unit to 4 units stacked vertically on a base.  Maximized display in a small and accessible footprint.  Each compartment offers a unique operating temperature allowing operations complete flexibility with menu and packaging. 

Watch Hot Vario in Action: See the Difference

Explore More Features

Custom Colors & Finish

While black powder coating is the standard finish offered, choose from a variety of RAL colors to match your specific design or brand concept.

Enhancing Accessories

Includes snack waves, holders, and an easily removable product slide for optimal functionality.

Optimal Flexibility

Available as a single or double countertop unit, a stand alone tower or integrated with other refrigerated or ambient display solutions, Hot Vario can be configured for any space.

Product Line

Hot Vario 1

With its compact and modular design, Advanced Airflow Technology gently circulates low-velocity convection air ensuring consistent temperatures for packaged hot foods.

Hot Vario 4

Maximized food display in a slimline vertical footprint.  Systems can be ordered pre-stacked, or easily stacked in the field as required based upon customer demand and menu expansion.

Explore the Versatility of Hot Vario