Wine: Beverage or Show-Stopping Design Choice?

Wine is the diamond that makes a menu sparkle.

Why hide a carefully curated wine collection in a hidden room, collecting dust? Over the years, we have seen our hospitality customers search for design choices that multitask and wine displays that perfectly combine form and function. At RPI, we have installed refrigerated wine storage in restaurants, hotels, stadiums, casinos, and airports. When it comes to showing off a wine collection, the possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to turn water into wine to understand how important wine is in the hospitality business. Whether you are designing for a five-star restaurant, club, or bistro, making wine the focus is a wise choice.

In our installation at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel in Colorado, we created a wine room that is efficient for the restaurant waitstaff and looks attractive while not in use. The room displays the robust wine collection while also housing a cheese case and corking station. Not only does the space add a dash of flair and ambiance, but it also makes it simple for staff to collect their wine and assemble cheese boards for customers.

The beauty of our wine displays is that they serve a dual function: preserve wine and create a high-end aesthetic. Be bold and let us bring your concept into reality.

To learn more about our refrigeration solutions, reach out to us today or stop by our booth in the South Building at the National Restaurant Association Show. If you are attending the show, you can also visit the Garden State Wine Growers Association (GSWGA) at Booth 11355 in Lakeside Center to see our wine products in action.

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