RPI Industries, INC.

Our Mission

RPI brings together all aspects of your foodservice and storage and display merchandising offering an unmatched suite of comprehensive services to bring your kitchen, food display or vending design to life. Our products are built to blend seamlessly with your current aesthetic or as part of your sleek and stylish new design concept.

Since our inception, we have strived to provide customized, intuitive and distinct food storage and service concepts that not only help our clients house and serve their cuisine, but also blend seamlessly with their aesthetic. We have remained committed to working closely with businesses to help them build units that integrate solutions that dovetail perfectly with their functional needs, facility size and décor. We see each project as an opportunity and a challenge to bring our client’s vision to life.

The reality is that anyone with the means and a little bit of knowledge can install a refrigerated display case in a store or restaurant. Our staff combines art, engineering and customer service to bring the precision, distinct aesthetic and performance you need. Simply put, our mission…is your satisfaction and success; our mission…is you.

We’re ready to work with you to bring together intuitive design and functionality.

Hot, Cold, and dry full service & self-service display cases fabricated in stainless steel with the ability to integrate into multiple applications.

Air Screen Refrigerator Manufactured from Recycled Materials and Environmentally Friendly Components.

Offering Trophy Style, Upright Glass Display Cases for Attractive Refrigerated Wine Merchandising.

Taking concepts to a reality by blending stainless steel, architectural millwork, glass and food guards creating a highly visual “WOW” statement in food merchandising.

Clean and crisp construction utilizing ultraviolet technology to weld glass eliminating adhesives of silicone.

Combination of our refrigeration system with additional turbo fans allowing the precise multi-directional airflow needed to chill 75 Degree Room Temperature Product to 40 Degrees in Two Hours or Less.

A veteran of the food service industry, RPI partnered with Hussmann, and became one of the distributors for their "food service" division of products.

The RPI & Nuttall flexeserve Zone® is transforming the hot food-to-go display market and changing customer expectations for the better! The multi-award-winning, heated display unit offers a range of hot self-serve food-to-go merchandising solutions in one cabinet!